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Here is a list of Johnny Depp's Movies (and two TV shows, the most famous - '21 Jump Street'). There are a few more small parts he had, one in a documentary I think, he also had other appearances in other films, but nothing big, these aren't included :o) (Films in italics aren't released yet! :oD)
If the name of the film is underlined it is a link to pictures from the film (Note: I don't have pictures for all of them on this page! You might want to check out Johnny Depp Pictures for more movie and non-movie pics! :oD)

Neverland (2004) [Neverland is a new approach to the classic story Peter Pan, Johnny Depp plays Barrie, other stars are Kate Winslet, Julie Christie and Dustin Hoffman.]

Secret Window (2004) [Based on the novella by Stephen King ('Secret Window, Secret Garden' - the films former name). Depp plays Mort Rainey a writer who finds himself being stalked by a psychotic stranger! Is out in the USA now - should be out in the UK 30th APRIL! :oD Can't Wait! NEW LINK You can see the trailer at sonypictures.com or .co.uk. It's looks WICKED! :oD]

Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003) [Johnny plays CIA Agent Sands in this with his great disguises and stupid T-shirts! Some funny lines too! :oD Is out on DVD/VHS now, in the UK and the US]

Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) [WOW! A great film in which JD plays the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow! With the best entrance ever, the DVD is a great buy with fab extras! Co-starring with Orlando Bloom! :oD]

Lost in LaMancha (2002) [I think this was a documentary, which his 'girlfriend' Vanessa Paradis was also in.]

From Hell (2001) [A bloody film based on the Jack The Ripper stories, Johnny Depp is the Inspector of the murders, Fred Abberline. Directed by the Hughes Brothers, also starring Heather Graham.]

Blow (2001) [This film is based on the true story about George Jung (Johnny Depp). It's all about drugs with a rather sad ending I think!]

Chocolat (2000) [Johnny Depp plays Roux a character who was described to him as a gypsy but he said "I saw him more as wondering minstrel..a vagabond."]

Before Night Falls (2000) [Johnny plays dual roles as a drag queen and a vicious army interrogator! [There are two pics one of each character!]

The Man Who Cried (2000) [Aaw this one made me cry! Johnny plays a gyspy horse-handler called Cesar. The film is set in the early 1900's. Co-star Christina Ricci from Sleepy Hollow plays lead as Susie.]

Sleepy Hollow (1999) [I looove this film! JD won a BlockBuster Award for it! He, of course, plays Ichabod Crane "..girl detective" as he describes him!! :oD]

The Ninth Gate (1999) [Another great film! Johnny plays Dean Corso who wears some rather dodgy glasses!! :oD]

The Astronaut's Wife (1999) [I really enjoyed this film, quite freaky though! Johnny's acting is fab! :oD He plays an astrounaunt - Spencer Armacost his wife Jillian is played by Charlize Theron.]

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) [JD plays lead as Raoul Duke, the film is based on the book by Hunter S. Thompson (who makes a cameo appearance in the film).]

The Brave (1997) [Johnny co-wrote, directed and starred (as Raphael) in this film.]

Donnie Brasco (1997) [JD plays Donnie. This is based on a the True Story of Joe Pistone (FBI Agent), for whom there is still a $500.000 contract on his head, by the Mafia.]

Dead Man (1996) [Johnny plays William Blake, who travels to the Wild West for a job that has been taken and he is left penniless.]

Nick of Time (1995) [Gene Watson (JD) is a being forced to kill the governor of CA (in 90 mins) or his daughter will be killed. A minute on screen is a minute of actual time! Sounds good! :oD]

Don Juan DeMarco (1995) [Johnny plays Don Juan DeMarco, a man with a magical view of life and love.]

Ed Wood (1994) [Johnny plays Ed Wood (who was probably the worlds worst director! Before & after he lived!) He is a cross-dressing alcholic - yes JD cross-dresses!]

What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) [JD is Gilbert Grape, Gilbert is torn between his new found love and caring for his strange family!]

Benny & Joon (1993) [Sam, is Johnny's character in this romantic comedy.]

Arizona Dream (1992) [Johnny plays lead, Axel, in this what appears to be a love story where he's torn between mother and daughter.]

Edward Scissorhands (1990) [A fab film, with JD's fave director, Tim Burton, he plays Edward - of course!]

Cry-Baby (1990) [Johnny plays Wade 'Cry-Baby' Walker in this musical. Johnny is said to have done all of his singing!]

21 Jump Street (1987)(TV) [He was in this for 4 seasons he says "..it was a great education"]

Slow Burn (1986) (TV) [This says TV because it's a film that was only shown on TV (in the US) it is available on video]

Platoon (1986) [I haven't seen this one, yet! So I'm not sure who he played].

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) [He played Grimm - who got sucked into a bed! This was a small part].

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